RMIT Optimisation Seminar: Dr. Inmaculada Flores Garcia., Complutense Unversity of Madrid


Speaker: Dr. Inmaculada Flores Garcia., Complutense Unversity of Madrid

Title: Multi-criteria optimization for disaster evacuation of people and relief distribution

Date and Time:  Friday, November 1 st, 3.00pm – 4.00pm

Location: Megaflex (near RMIT Connect), Building 8 Level 4 Room 13, RMIT City campus

Abstract:     Disasters and their consequences strike the world population from the beginning of history and their occurrences have an upward trend. Palliating the effects of a disaster is the main objective of the work that will be presented, which is focused on the supported evacuation of the population from the affected area to safer places, with the aim of preventing people from suffering the consequences of the catastrophic event. Furthermore, and once people are located at a safe place, basic supplies must be delivered in order to assure that the evacuated population have their basic necessities covered after the occurrence of a disaster. To tackle this complex problem, a mathematical mixed integer programming model based on time dependence is presented. The problem is multimodal in terms of different fleets of vehicles, types of affected population and of commodities to be distributed.

Bio: Inmaculada has a 5-year degree on Mathematics by the University of Granada, including a year course at the Technische Universität München, and a master degree on Mathematical Engineering at the Complutense University of Madrid. After 6 years working on Data Analysis and Information Security in two important companies at Spain, she became a PhD student and mid-time professor at the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences and at the Faculty of Commerce and Tourism in the Complutense University of Madrid. Currently, she belongs to the Statistics and Operations Research department (Fac. Mathematical Sciences, UCM) as Project Research Staff.

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