Group Members

Meet the People

These are the people who compose our group. The objective is to have a network where we can share news, seminars, and opportunities; it is about meeting new people, starting collaborations, and sharing ideas. Come and join us. It’s free!

Babak Abbasi (RMIT University)
Andres Abeliuk (University of Melbourne)
Serdar Boztas (RMIT University)
Jeffrey Chan (RMIT University)
Jeffrey Christiansen (RMIT University)
Nigel Clay (RMIT University)
Brian Dandurand (Argonne Laboratory)
Marc Demange (RMIT University)
Andrew Eberhard* (RMIT University)
Robin Hill (RMIT University and University of Melbourne)
John Hearne (RMIT University)
Angus Kenny (RMIT University)
Alexander Kruger (Federation University Australia)
Nan Li (RMIT University)
Xiaodong Li (RMIT University)
Yanqun Liu (RMIT University)
Yousong Luo (RMIT University)
Cameron MacRae (RMIT University)
Bill Moran (Melbourne University)
Fabricio Oliveira (Alto University)
Melih Ozlen (RMIT University)
Victor Reijnders (University of Twente)
Vera Roshchina (University of NSW)
Sergei Schreider (RMIT University)
Tian Sang (Melbourne University)
Nadezda Sukhorukova (Swinburne University of Technology)
Cerasela Tanasescu (RMIT University)
Julien Ugon (Swinburn University)
Robert Wenczel (RMIT University)

last update: 10/02/2019.

*contact if you are interest in joining us (rmitopt(at)


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