Meetings and Seminars


Note that this list contains not only Optimisation Group meetings, but occasionally also Information Security, Biomodelling and some other meetings and seminars.

Monday 13 November, 10:30am: Dr Katharine Turner (Australian National University), Persistent homology rank function
Monday 6 November 3:30pm: Prof. Kate Smith-Miles (University of Melbourne), Optimization in the Darkness of Uncertainty: when you don’t know what you don’t know, and what you do know isn’t much!
Friday 27 October 12:00-14:00: Operations Research for Aged Care Planning (ECP workshop).
Friday 20 October 3:00pm: Dr Vanessa Teague, Mathematics and Democracy (RMIT Information Security seminar).
Friday 13 October 3:00pm: Prof. Reinout Quispel, Geometric numerical integration: how to discretize differential equations while preserving their physical properties. CANCELLED
Monday 9 October 3:30pm: Dr Elisa Maria Alessi, Passive End-of-Life Solutions for Low Earth Orbits (RMITOpt-SPACE meeting). Download slides and Watch the video
Tuesday 3 October, 11:30am, Prof. Yuhui Shi, Introduction to Brain Storm Optimization Algorithms (CSIT seminar, RMIT).
Monday 2 October 3:30pm: Dr Pierfrancesco Di Cintio, Chaos, noise, discreteness effects and the continuum limit in N-body systems, revisited (RMITOpt-SPACE meeting) Download slides
Friday 22 September 3pm: Nigel Clay, Ensuring Blood is Available When it is Needed Most (RMIT Biomodelling talk).
Monday 18 September 3:30pm: Computational algebraic geometry with Maple (coordinated by Prof. Bill Blyth).
Friday 15 September 3:00pm Graham Clarke (RMIT), Semigroup Extensions and their Cayley Graphs (Information Security).
11 September (Monday), 3:30pm: Continuation of IMO2017 problems session in AGR 8.9.66 (coordinated by Ben Haire).
11 September (Monday), 2pm Reading Group on Gröbner bases.
8 September (Friday), 3:00pm, Prof. Walter Kozlowski, Common fixed points of semigroups of monotone nonexpansive nonlinear mappings in Banach spaces Download slides
4 September (Monday), 3:30pm: IMO2017 problems session (coordinated by Ben Haire).
4 September (Monday), 2pm Reading Group on Gröbner bases (presenter Andrew Williason).
28 August (Monday), 3:30pm: Putnam problem session (coordinated by Ben Haire).
28 August (Monday), 2pm Reading Group on Gröbner bases (presenter Fei Lu).
25 August (Friday), Dr Musa Mammadov, Mathematical modelling and controlling the dynamics of infectious diseases Download slides(Biomodelling).
21 August (Monday),Dr Yanqun Liu, Duality for linear and convex semi-infinite programming (Convex Geometry meeting).
21 August (Monday), 2pm Reading Group on Gröbner bases (presenter Ben Haire)
18 August (Friday) Dr Jérôme Droniou, Monash University, A unified convergence analysis framework for numerical approximations of diffusion equations. Download slides
14 August (Monday) Prof. Hong-Kun Xu, Hangzhou Dianzi University Proximal Methods for Convex and Nonconvex Optimisation Download slides
14 August (Monday), 2pm Reading Group on Gröbner bases (presenter Jeffrey Christiansen)
11 August (Friday) Prof. María Teresa Ortuño Sánchez, Universidad Computense Madrid, Humanitarian logistics. Multicriteria decision-aid models for last mile distribution.
7 August (Monday), 2pm Reading Group on Gröbner bases (presenter Jeffrey Christiansen)
4 August (Friday) Prof. Lynn Batten, Deakin, Robust Trust Assessment Model for the Selection of Trustworthy Cloud Services (Information Security talk)
31 July (Monday), 2pm Reading Group on Gröbner bases (presenter Vera Roshchina)
28 July (Friday) Dr Tiago Andrade, RMIT and PUC-Rio, A primal–dual decomposition for the Stochastic Refinery Operational Planning Problem.
24 July (Monday), 2pm Reading Group on Gröbner bases (presenter Andrew Williamson)
21 July (Friday) Ferruh Ozbudak (InfoSec)
7 July (Friday) Prof. Nezam Mahdavi-Amiri, Sharif University of Technology, Iran, A robust and efficient combined trust region–line search approach for constrained nonlinear least squares problems
23 June: Prof. Lewi Stone, RMIT, Random matrices and the stability of complex biological networks.
9 June: Dr Li Sun, RMIT (InfoSec talk).
19 May: Prof. Bill Moran, RMIT, From quadratic equations to neural networks—the story of Hilbert’s 13th Problem, Download slides
12 May (Friday), 3–4pm: William Pettersson, RMIT, From parameterized complexity to recognizing 2-spheres.
5 May: Prof. John Hearne, RMIT, A Mixed Integer Programming approach to the spatio-temporal problem of fragmenting high fuel load areas in the landscape while considering the availability and connectivity of faunal habitat
28 April: Paul Leopardi, BoM, Classifying bent functions by their Cayley graphs, using Sage (InfoSec talk).
21 April: Dr Janosch Rieger, Monash University, Recent advances in domain reconstruction from electrical impedance tomography data Download slides
7 April: Dr Jessica Liebig, RMIT, Fast Extraction of the backbone of projected bipartite networks (InfoSec talk).
31 March: A/Prof. Adil Bagirov, Federation University Australia, Nonsmooth DC Optimisation: Methods and Applications
24 March: Dr Stephen Davis, RMIT University, Gamification of Crime Scene Fingerprint Analysis (InfoSec talk).
23 March (two talks): Luc Doyen, The tragedy of open ecosystems and Lauriane Mouysset, Land use and birds biodiversity management.
17 March: Dr Tiangang Cui, Monash University, Uncertainty quantification in inverse problems: a subspace approach. Download slides
10 March: Dr Joanne Hall, RMIT University, Semi-Fields and Planar Functions (InfoSec seminar). Download slides
3 March: A/Prof. Alex Kruger, Federation University Australia, Transversality, subtransversality and intrinsic transversality of pairs of sets. Download slides
1 March: Mr Juan Gonzalez Criado del Rey, Condition metrics and curvature. Download slides
27 February: Mr Juan Gonzalez Criado del Rey, University of Cantabria (Spain), Distributing points on spheres and other manifolds. Download slides
3 February: Ms Hoa Thi Bui, Federation University Australia, Quasiconvexity and robust quasiconvexity
27 January: Dr Pierluigi Cesana, La Trobe University, Smart membranes that do not wrinkle.
24 January: RMITOpt workshop.
23 January: Prof. Melvyn Sim, National University of Singapore, Distributionally Robust Optimization.
20 January: Prof. Asen Dontchev, University of Michigan and Mathematical Reviews, Strong Metric Subregularity. Download slides


29/11/2016 – Andrew Eberhard, RMIT University, Revealed Preference Theory Revisited.
15/11/2016 – James Saunderson, Monash University, Semide nite descriptions of regular polygons (and beyond), Download slides
3/11/2016 – Mahdi Bashiri, Shahed University (Iran), An algorithm for a p-Robust Hub Location Problem.
25/10/2016 – Nigel Clay, RMIT University, Modelling Blood Transfusions with Acyclic Discrete Phase Type Distributions. Download slides
18/10/2016 – Markus Hegland, Australian National University, Low rank approximations—numerical approximations from algebraic geometry. Download slides
11/10/2016 – William Haskell, National University of Singapore, Random constraint sampling and duality for convex optimization. Download slides
4/10/2016 – Vera Roshchina, RMIT University, Complexity bounds for classic algorithms in conic optimisation.
21/09/2016 – Aharon Ben-Tal
15/09/2016 – Sergei Schreider, RMIT university, Optimisation methods in resource allocation management. Download slides
06/09/2016 – Abdelkader Sbihi, Ecole de Manegement de Normandie (France), The sharing problem with disjunctive constraints: efficient algorithms and some incorporated valid inequalities. Download slides
30/08/2016 – Reinier Diaz Millan, Federal Institute of Goiás (Brazil), Two algorithms for solving systems of operator inclusion problems. Download slides
23/08/2016 – Daniel Ralph, University of Cambridge, Keeping Options Open When Just One Can Be Exercised: When To Select the Winner From an R&D Portfolio?. Download slides
11/08/2016 – Vural Aksakalli, RMIT University, Feature Selection via Binary Simultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Approximation. Download slides
27/07/2016 – Aris Daniilidis, Universidad de Chile, Interplay between geometric descent and structure in optimization. Download slides
27/07/2016 – Robert Baier, University of Bayreuth (Germany), Set-Valued Newton’s Method for the Computation of Convex Invariant Sets. Download slides
15/06/2016 – Brian Dandurand, RMIT University, A new method for optimizing the non-anticipative Lagrangian dual of a stochastic mixed-integer program. Download slides
01/06/2016 – Héctor Ramírez, Universidad de Chile, New advances on sensitivity analysis of solution maps to parameterized equilibria with conic constraints. Download slides
19/05/2016 – Zahra Roshan Zamir, Swinburne University of Technology, Detection of epileptic seizure in EEG signals using linear least squares preprocessing. Download slides
11/05/2016 – Vera Roshchina, RMIT University, Combinatorial diameter of polyhedra
04/05/2016 – Martin Olsen, Aarhus University (Denmark), Probabilistic Analysis of Online Stacking Algorithms. Download slides
27/04/2016 – Tian Sang, RMIT University, On the conjecture by Demyanov-Ryabova in converting finite exhausters. Download slides
06/04/2016 – Andres Abeliuk, University of Melbourne, On the Optimality of Cultural Markets with Social Influence. Download slides
22/03/2016 – Shuai Liu, RMIT University, New Bundle Methods for Nonsmooth Optimization, Download slides
16/03/2016 –  Fabricio Oliveira, RMIT University, Tutorial on Robust Optimisation – modelling aspects and applications Download slides (link for Notebook here)


When – Who

26/05/2015 – Bill Moran
2/06/2015 – Andrew Eberhard
9/06/2015 – Bill Moran
23/06/2015 – Sergei Schreider
21/07/2015 – Yousong Luo
28/07/2015 – Ali Eshragh
28/07/2015 – Andrew Eberhard
4/08/2015 – Brian Dandurand
25/08/2015 – Alex Kruger
1/09/2015 – Marc Demange
8/09/2015 – Andrew Eberhard
15/09/2015 – Victor Reijnders
18/09/2015 – Levent Tuncel from CARMA
27/10/2015 – Babak Abbasi
6/11/2015 – Marc Demange
24/11/2015 – Nadezda Sukhorukova from Swinburne
8/12/2015 – Nigel Clay
14/12/2015 – Constance Schober from USF (Florida, USA)

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