Teaching Reflective Practice

Reflection for Learning: A Scholarly Guide for Educators (2020)

Marina Harvey, Kate Lloyd, Kath McLachlan, Anne-Louise Semple, Greg Walkerden.

This new scholarly practice guide is designed for educators who are interested in supporting reflective practice for their students’ learning and for their own learning and career development, with a range of activities to stimulate deep and creative reflection.  It has been produced by The Reflection for Learning Circle (R4L), established in 2011, comprises a transdisciplinary team of academics passionate about reflective practice and Reflection for Learning.

There is no one best way to reflect, and the great thing about this resource is that it gives a whole range of practical ideas which can be tailored to your students. There are text based, sensory, creative and mindfulness activities which can be used in a whole range of teaching contexts. Each section is very well supported by the literature and evidence from a range of disciplinary contexts.

The resource is free to download. Why not give it a go? If you use one of the activities, let us know!

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