Spotlight on…Transitions in Learning

Our first SpOTLight event of 2020 will be held on Tuesday 10th March (10:00 – 12:00) (City 8.4.12). We are currently looking for people to join the session as either presenters or participants.

What is a SpOTLight?

Spotlights are an opportunity to come together in conversation about the different ways we teach and support student learning in SEH. They provide a space to highlight good practice, inspire others to innovate/experiment and to model good scholarly practice.

Each Spotlight consists of 4-5 short (8 minute) presentations which include a description of the initiative, an explanation of the underpinning theory and a reflective evaluation of the outcomes. College ADG staff work closely with presenters to develop their narratives and resources.  The sessions are designed to be informal, lively and conversational and are an excellent opportunity to engage in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), regardless of your experience.


Theme for SpOTLight 1: Transitions in Learning

How do you support students who have experienced a significant change in their social or learning environment? This might include students who:

  • are starting their first year of university
  • are changing programs within the university
  • are about to go out on or return from placement
  • have changed learning environments, e.g. from vocational/TAFE to university
  • have come from overseas
  • have experienced academic difficulties in past years, programs or institutions

These changes can greatly affect the ways that students relate to their studies and how well they integrate in to the particular learning environment/community. We are looking for examples of approaches and activities which help students feel a sense of belonging and motivate them to learn. These might be extra-curricular activities, environmental innovations or specially designed curricula/assessments.

Get involved…

As a presenter: Got a story to share? Tell us your ideas, experiences and success stories. We will work with you to develop your narrative and present your story in an effective way. Your participation in SpOTLights can be used to develop future applications for Awards and Promotions. Email a short pitch (200 words max) to Natasha Taylor ( by 4pm on Friday 14th February 2020. There are no limitations on format – you can include images, audio/video files, links as long as they relate to your summary. Please also email Natasha for advice or informal enquiries.

As a participant: The bookings page is now open. Click here to reserve a ticket.

Places are limited (30 max) so please ensure that your calendar is clear before you order a ticket.

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