Where is the love?

Natasha Taylor takes part in the monthly Lacunae Reading and Writing Project. Participants write 500 words in response to a stimulus piece and these are published collectively on the Lacunae Blog.  The project is open to anyone interested in Learning and Teaching and is a great place to explore new and interesting ideas.

Have you ever stopped to think about the role of love, hope and emotion in your teaching?

In our February Reading and Writing project, we responded to a fascinating article written by colleagues at La Trobe University:

Al-Mahmood, R. et al. (2020) “Love acts and revolutionary praxis: challenging the neoliberal university through a teaching scholars development program” Higher Education Research & Development, 39:1, 81-98.

The article highlights how difficult it can be to find the time and space to reflect on the affective and emotional aspects of the teaching and learning experience in the ‘neoliberal university’.  It provoked a plethora of reactions from the respondents and their short blog posts addressed some very pertinent themes (including power, faith, language, devotion, deception and disillusionment). Read the blog posts here:

From Love Acts to Language – where can we get back our desire for learning (and teaching)?

Love acts: swipe left

Love-makers, Rebels or Grand Illusionists?

Sounding brasses, clanging cymbals and love, potentially

Love acts … in Higher Education … Valentine’s Day 2020


Are you interested in taking part in the March Reading and Writing Project? Our publication this time focusses on staff-student partnerships – check out the call for contributions if you are interested!

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