It could be you!

Could you be a Teaching and Learning Award winner in 2020? Or, do you know someone who deserves to have their work recognised?

The 2020 RMIT L&T Awards Scheme is now open and there are some events later this month to help you start your Awards journey.

If you are new to the Awards process and curious about the categories and how it all works, sign up for the Introductory Webinar on Tuesday 17th March (14:30-15:30).

If you have some previous experience and are sure you know which category fits, you can sign straight up to one of the face-to-face Development Workshops where you will actually get started on your application (and have the opportunity to ask all the questions about format, style, evidence etc). We are holding these on both City (24th March 14:00-15:30) and Bundoora Campuses (25th March 14:00-15:30) . There will be a live link to Vietnam at the City session on the 24th.

Bookings are now open on Eventbrite

There are many benefits to going through the Awards process, even if you do not eventually ‘win’. It can help you to articulate and communicate your achievements to new audiences and raise your academic profile. If you would like an informal chat about Awards please contact Natasha Taylor.

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