Let’s go international (without leaving Melbourne)!

We’ve recently started exploring ways of collaborating with a large university in the UK – Nottingham Trent (NTU)- on SoTL related activities. So, whether it be through cross-institutional communities of practice, co-creation of resources, sabbatical opportunities  or co-hosting events, we can see great potential for creating opportunities for staff to engage in rich, creative international collaborations!

As a start, we have been invited to participate in NTU’s Festival of Learning which will take place on Tuesday 16th June.  The theme is Active Collaborative Learning and we have a lot of that going on across the college, so it’s a perfect opportunity to share your work.  There are logistics to consider – the time difference is a challenge and of course we are not physically present – but it is a chance to experiment with some new formats (podcasts, tweetchats, webinars etc.). There is a call for contributions out (deadline March 20th), so if you are interested in taking part, please contact Natasha Taylor.

(We will be developing a special episode of the Open Classrooms podcast, so please get in touch if you’d like to contribute to that!)


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