Join the April SoTL Walk

Last month we experimented with ways to make our monthly SoTL walk a virtual event. And it worked so well that we are going to do it again in April! Why not give it a go?

Why would I join a SoTL Walk?

We’ve been hosting SoTL walks for a while now.  There are two main incentives…

  1. It gets you away from the desk, outside in the fresh air, doing some exercise. There is a lot of evidence to support the fact that getting out and about during the work day is good for physical and mental well-being, productivity and creative thinking.
  2. It is an opportunity to connect with people you don’t know well and have informal conversations about teaching and learning ideas outside of the more formal work scenarios (seminars, meetings etc).

Walks are open to anyone who has an  interest in teaching or supporting students – the more perspectives the better!

How the virtual walk works

We all need flexibility in our calendars right now, so we have a week dedicated to the SoTL walk – for April this is 20-24 April. It doesn’t matter when you do it during that week, just choose an hour that suits you.

1  Walk:  Get outside and go for a 30 minute walk.  Take something with you to record your experience – either a phone/camera or a notepad and pencil (for noting and sketching).

2  Think:  Whilst you are walking, think about the following provocation:

Temporary fixes that become permanent!  When this is all over, what will your new normal look like? What does this mean for teaching and learning?

3  Share: When you return from your walk, share your reflections online with others. Respond to their ideas too!

Join now!

The Melbourne SEH ADG team will be walking on the afternoon of Wednesday 22nd April. But if you can’t walk then (especially if you are based in another time zone!) that doesn’t matter – walk at a time that suits you.  Of course, make sure that you follow all of the local rules about social distancing etc.- walk safe!

Once you have captured your thoughts, you need to share them. Included an image (a photo, video or sketch) and some words which explain your thoughts. There are two options for sharing:

  1. Twitter – use the hashtag #sotlwalk
  2. Padlet – use the embedded version below, or, if you prefer, go to Padlet directly:

Made with Padlet


At the end of the week, I will capture all of the postings and discussions in a ‘3 minute read’ blog post.

Any questions email me ( or DM on Twitter (@taylor_dr).


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