Online: Writing Masterclasses and Retreats with Helen Sword

Helen Sword (Professor of Humanities at the University of Auckland) is an international expert on professional and academic writing across the disciplines. She is well known for her books, articles, and online tools which have empowered writers around the world to write more clearly, confidently, prolifically, and with greater pleasure. Her works has inspired academics around the world to write more creatively, honestly and productively and to develop an approach to writing which is positive and rewarding.

Helen’s evidence-based masterclasses for academic and professional writers have taken her to more than 90 universities, research institutes, and other organizations around the world – places at her sessions are highly sought after and expensive to attend. But, in response to the Covid-19 situation, Helen has developed a series of Masterclasses and Writing Retreats which are open to all to inspire you to develop your approach to writing. You can sign up to these sessions for FREE and recordings are made available via Helen’s mailing list. This really is a unique opportunity to learn from the best – register now via the following links:

Writing in the Time of COVID-19: This masterclass will introduce you to several core principles for supporting the writing practice of your colleagues, your students, and yourself at a time of existential uncertainty and forced migration to online platforms. This live event has already taken place, but you can still sign up to receive a password-protected link to an edited recording. (50 minutes)

Teaching Writing Online: How can teachers adapt conventional writing exercises and in-class activities for the online environment? In this masterclass, learn how to design and deliver online writing assignments that bridge the physical distance between you and your students. Sign up to take part in a live interactive session via Zoom and/or to receive a password-protected link to an edited recording. (50 minutes)

Stay-Home Writing Retreat: For writers forced into self-isolation by COVID-19, this FREE online video series will provide you with twice-daily inspiration for staging a productive, nurturing writing retreat at home. Sign up to receive daily reminders, links, and follow-up resources for maintaining your writing momentum long beyond the retreat. (12 minute introductory video; approx 5×10 minutes per day Mon-Fri)

Natasha Taylor will be attending these sessions; if you would like to connect with her and work collaboratively please send an email.

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