Clock Reset: RMIT Learning and Teaching Awards 2020

In acknowledgement of the disruption caused to our workloads and lives over the last few weeks, the deadlines for applications to the RMIT Learning and Teaching Awards have been extended. Read this post for essential information about rescheduled panels and support sessions.

New Submission Deadlines

The main submission deadline has been moved to Wednesday 1 July 2020.

All applications from Science, Engineering and Health MUST be endorsed by our College Awards Panel. This panel is made up of representatives from all schools and its purpose is to peer review applications, make suggestions for improvement and confirm endorsement by the DPVC (Tom Steiner).

The deadline for submissions to the College Awards Panel is 5pm on Wednesday 17th June.

Your completed application (including reference letters where required) should be sent by email to

The Panel will meet on Tuesday 23rd June. You will receive individual feedback on your application before Thursday 25th June, allowing you to make any revisions before submission to the central portal on 1st July.

Support for Applicants

There are a range of different opportunities to get support with developing your application.

Before you do anything, you should make sure that you have fully explored the information provided on the central Awards website.

Your first port of call should be your college adviser, Natasha Taylor. Natasha is responsible for coordinating the SEH awards process, and works closely with the central team to deliver the support programme and assessment panel process. Natasha’s role is to guide you and act as a ‘critical friend’ and reviewer – she can help you to build your narrative and put together a strong evidence base to underpin your application.

Please note that the central awards team have rescheduled their workshops and moved to online delivery. Register using the links below – if you can’t make the scheduled time, recordings will be made available on their website!

It is highly likely that additional sessions (including some stay-at-home writing retreats) will be scheduled – please make sure that you check in regularly to keep up to date.

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