Working with Students-as-Partners in Teaching and Research

Natasha Taylor takes part in the monthly Lacunae Reading and Writing Project. Participants write 500 words in response to a stimulus piece and these are published collectively on the Lacunae Blog.  The project is open to anyone interested in Learning and Teaching and is a great place to explore new and interesting ideas.

Have you ever worked with students as partners in learning and teaching, or educational research? In our March Reading and Writing project, we responded to a new book on staff student partnerships : The Power of Partnership: Students, Staff and Faculty Revolutionalizing Higher Education (Mercer-Mapstone, L, and Abbot, S. Eds). The book is open access which means you can download it anytime, for free.

The book explores student partnership from a range of different perspectives – philosophical, practical, strategic and theoretical – and many of the chapters are authored by staff-student writing teams. Its aims is to celebrate the nuance and depth of student-faculty partnerships in higher education and illustrate the many ways that partnership—the equitable collaboration among students, staff, and faculty in support of teaching and learning—has the potential to transform lives and institutions.

It provoked a really interesting array of reactions from the respondents and their short blog posts addressed some very pertinent themes (including messiness in partnership, collaborative maps, exclusion in SoTL , control in staff-student partnership, hope and the role of space/place in partnership working).  You can read the 5 responding blog posts here:

Are you interested in taking part in the April Reading and Writing Project?  This month we have chosen another book as the stimulus for our reading and writing and this time its all about comics!  With Great Power Comes Great Pedagogy.  is available online – check out the call for contributions if you are interested!

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