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Originally a pandemic project, SoTL Walk connects RMIT staff with colleagues around the world, providing a time and space for us to unite and immerse ourselves in conversation about teaching and learning. As we journey through the next phase of pandemic life, join us each month as we explore new themes. All you need to do is set aside an hour in your schedule, get yourself outside for a walk and share your reflections.

New to SoTL Walks?

If you are interested in hearing more about the SoTL walk project (led by Natasha Taylor), check out this great podcast episode hosted by Dr Nathalie Sheridan (University of Glasgow).

Join now!

We dedicate a whole week (1-7 March) to the SoTL walk to include as many people as possible, whatever your commitments or location in the world.  It doesn’t matter when you do it, just choose an hour that suits your schedule. Then…

WALK:  Get outside and go for a 30 minute walk.  To get the full well-being benefits of the activity, try to schedule it in your working day (yes, it IS valid work!). Take something with you to record your experience – either a phone/camera or a notepad and pencil (for noting and sketching).

THINK:  Whilst you are walking, think about the following provocation:

I See You!

Last week was a big week for L&T in Australia with the big reveal of this year’s recipients of the Australian Awards for University Teaching. There has been much celebration of the successful individuals and teams, recognising teaching excellence, innovation and leadership! But are awards schemes the most effective way of recognising great teaching and scholarship? What is the approach in your country/sector? Here are some prompts to help you reflect on your own experience:

  • Should awards be self, peer or student nominated?
  • What makes a meaningful ‘prize’?
  • How can we celebrate the ‘unsuccessful’ nominees who end up feeling unrecognised?
  • In what other meaningful ways can/do your colleagues, managers and students recognise your contributions?

SHARE: When you return from your walk, share your reflections online with others. Respond to their ideas too! Include an image (a photo, video or sketch) and some words which explain your thoughts. There are two options for sharing:

  1. Twitter – use the hashtag #sotlwalk
  2. Padlet – Go To Padlet  (or click below to post straight to the March 21 wall)


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