The June SoTL Walk: Our final ramble!

Originally a pandemic project, SoTL Walk has connected RMIT staff with colleagues around the world, providing a time and space for us to unite and immerse ourselves in conversation about teaching and learning.  This will be my last SoTL Walk – at least in its current form. In two weeks time I will be leaving RMIT and it seemed the right time to wrap up this SoTL Walk series.  It has been brilliant journey travelled; 14 monthly walks on a wide range of themes, sometimes taking us in unpredictable and emotional directions. But, as with many of these initiatives, the successs was down to the participants. To everyone who saw the value, got outside and searched their souls – thank you!

So, for one final time, here is the June SoTL Walk…

Join now: Walk | Think | Share

The June Walk is scheduled between 1-7th June. You can choose when and where you walk – all you need to do is set aside an hour in your schedule (we try to encourage people to take part during the working day, because that is kind of the point – get away from your desk and think!). Some people prefer to walk in small groups – that is fine too!

WALK:  Get outside and go for a 30 minute walk. Take something with you to record your experience – either a phone/camera or a notepad and pencil (for noting and sketching).

THINK:  Whilst you are walking, think about the following provocation: Closing Doors

As the SoTL Walk series comes to an end, we wanted to explore how, when and why we ‘stop’ doing things in teaching and learning. Practice is always evolving, so how do you decide which activities to stop doing? What are the signs that things aren’t working? How do you ensure that successes are remembered and used to inform future ideas/activities? Is there anything you just cannot let go of, no matter what? Does stopping mean closing the door forever? 

SHARE: When you return from your walk, share your reflections online with others. Respond to their ideas too! Include an image (a photo, video or sketch) and some words which explain your thoughts. There are two options for sharing:

  1. Twitter – use the hashtag #sotlwalk
  2. Padlet – Go To Padlet  (or click below to post straight to the June 21 wall)

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