Online: Writing Masterclasses and Retreats with Helen Sword

Helen Sword (Professor of Humanities at the University of Auckland) is an international expert on professional and academic writing across the disciplines. She is well known for her books, articles, and online tools which have empowered writers around the world to write more clearly, confidently, prolifically, and with greater pleasure. Her works has inspired academics around […]

Spotlight on…Transitions in Learning

Our first SpOTLight event of 2020 will be held on Tuesday 10th March (10:00 – 12:00) (City 8.4.12). We are currently looking for people to join the session as either presenters or participants. What is a SpOTLight? Spotlights are an opportunity to come together in conversation about the different ways we teach and support student […]

Teaching Reflective Practice

Reflection for Learning: A Scholarly Guide for Educators (2020) Marina Harvey, Kate Lloyd, Kath McLachlan, Anne-Louise Semple, Greg Walkerden. This new scholarly practice guide is designed for educators who are interested in supporting reflective practice for their students’ learning and for their own learning and career development, with a range of activities to stimulate deep and creative reflection.  It has […]