Join the July SoTL Walk

Now in its 5th month, the SoTL walk is a virtual and global conversation about teaching and learning!  Make some time in your schedule to join the initiative – it is a great way to connect with others and develop your own reflective practice. Our theme for July is ‘When life gives you lemons…’. Come […]

Reflections on the April SoTL Walk

The theme for the April SoTL walk was ‘temporary fixes that become permanent’. In this post, Natasha Taylor reflects on how contributors across and outside of RMIT interpreted and responded to the provocation. This month, walkers were challenged to think about changing contexts, to reflect on new practices and envisage their new ‘normal’ in a […]

Join the April SoTL Walk

Last month we experimented with ways to make our monthly SoTL walk a virtual event. And it worked so well that we are going to do it again in April! Why not give it a go? Why would I join a SoTL Walk? We’ve been hosting SoTL walks for a while now.  There are two […]

SoTL Walk!

We are all having to find ways to do our normal activities in a new dislocated and virtually supported world!  This weekend, I tried to think of creative ways to keep our monthly SoTL walk alive. As it turns out, this could be a great opportunity to grow the idea and reach out to wider […]