Contextualizing video

Videos are an excellent mode of learning for the more visual learners and create a pleasant break from reading text, however, many videos require input from us to direct learners to the most important messages we are trying to get across. There are a range of tools online you can use to customise your videos to either the length you want or to embed questions and activities to increase student engagement. It is important to note that from early next year, Canvas will have its own in-built tool but in the meantime we need something to fill that gap.
The benefits of using an online video editing platform include:

  • You create the focus of the video for your students according to your needs
  • You can crop the video to the length you want, no time wasted watching irrelevant topics
  • You can record your voice over the top of the video to alert students to your own key points
  • You can embed quizzes as you go along to increase engagement
  • You can access analytics to see how many are watching the video

EdPuzzle is an excellent and easy-to-use online video editor. Take a copy of these instructions on how to use and have them by you as you step through the editing of your video.