GoSoapBox – Student Response System

GoSoapBox is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Student Response System where students use wi-fi enabled devices on campus to interact online with their lecturer/teacher and peers before, during or after a face-to-face class.  Key features include:

  • Social Q& A – enables students to raise their hand and ask a question and allows the class to determine, socially, what’s most important.
  • Confusion Barometer – enables students to indicate when they’ve become confused with material, or need the teacher to slow down.
  • Quizzes – students can take quizzes (MCQ or short answer questions) during or outside of class and receive their score upon completion.
  • Polls – enables teachers to poll students on a question or topic
  • Discussions – teachers can create discussion topics and have their students reply with their answers or opinions (interaction is anonymous)
  • Anonymity – students interact anonymously, whilst the teacher can see who said what
  • Reporting – teachers can export the data from their event into a spreadsheet which can be used to identify where students are performing well or struggling
  • Compatibility – runs on internet enabled devices such as: laptop, desktop, Macs, Windows, iPads, iPhones, Androids etc.


How to access GoSoapBox

RMIT has a site licence for GoSoapBox, which staff can access using their RMIT username and password.
Login to: http://gosoapbox.rmit.edu.au

Where to get GoSoapBox help

Help & support is also available on the GoSoapBox website  – http://help.gosoapbox.com/
Before you get started using GoSoapBox have a look at the quick product tour: What is GoSoapBox? available at: http://www.gosoapbox.com/tour
A more detailed ‘How-To’ staff guide is provided below, it provides step by step instructions on using GoSoapBox to facilitate student response to quizzes, polls and discussions during class using their personal portable (internet enabled) devices.
[embeddoc url=”https://sites.rmit.edu.au/sister/files/2017/10/GoSoapBox_Instructor_Guide-1wljtcs.pdf” download=”all” viewer=”google” ]

  1. Inform your students in advance of your intention to use GoSoapBox in your lecture/tutorial/class/workshop.
  2. Ask students to connect and ‘join’ to the GoSoapBox event at the start of the class, this will minimalise delays when it comes to the time to answer a question, poll, discussion etc.
  3. If you have turned on Social Q&A let students know they can post questions throughout the class using this forum.
  4. Use your own mobile device to log into the GoSoapBox event, so you can see exactly what the student sees without having to log in and out during your class.
  5. If you use images in your questions please make sure they are copyright free. The library provides information on searching for copyright free images at http://rmit.libguides.com/copyright/free_stuff