Convert Word files to ePUB format using Calibre freeware

Why use ePUB format for learning?

If you have a couple of pages of content you just place them into Canvas but if you have a large amount of original content written in Microsoft Word then ePUB1 may be the answer.
ePUB1 is a very popular electronic book format, almost as popular as PDF according to John D. Cook’s statistics ². Word cannot save into this format but Calibre ³ software is a free book format converter that can convert to ePUB.

Have a formatted Word file ready

When creating a Microsoft Word document for epub conversion make sure it is formatted with heading styles in Word and maybe also use a table of contents.  This will allow the Calibre ³ software to correctly convert your document into ePUB. You should also refer to figures and table numbers rather than page numbers as ePUB is an elastic device friendly format.

Install the Calibre software

The Calibre freeware is avaliable for download in Windows,Windows 64bit, OSX, Linux and Portable formats.
Click to go to the caliber software download page

Setup Calibre and convert your Word doc.

Watch the video below on Converting Word to ePUB 5

  1. Add book and  upload the Microsoft Word file
  2. Edit metadata to add author details, title, publisher etc. You can also load a custom cover.
  3. Go to Convert books, setup your conversion settings You may need to play with these to get them as you require.
    1. Structure detection – You may need to set Structure Detection e.g. chapter mark to page break. (depends on how you formatted the doc.).
    2. Table of contents – If you don’t have a Table of Contents in your Word doc. you can setup one with these settings.
  4. Select the Output format, in this case ePUB.
  5. Click OK (bottom right) to begin the conversion process.
  6. Check the epub format by opening it and ensuring that Calibre has interpreted your Word file correctly.
  7. You can then load the ePUB file into the Canvas file system 6 and link to the appropriate page.

Other Options

As with all technology there is more than one way. I like Calibre but your learning needs may require a different solution. See the article below for some other ePUB conversion options. 7

How to Turn a Microsoft Word Document Into an Ebook (EPUB)


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