FlipCurric – Assuring the quality of achievement standards and their valid assessment in Australian higher education

At the 2017 RMIT Learning and teaching Quality Forum Emeritus Professor Geoff Scott, University of Western Sydney presented the keynote, “Listening Productively in VET and Higher Education“.  Professor Scott summarised some of the key insights from 40 years’ research and experience in gathering and acting effectively on feedback from VET and University students, staff and external stakeholder to optimise student engagement and retention in productive, future focused learning. Professor Scott recommended FlipCurric as a resource for staff undertaking the 5 year program reviews.  FlipCurric, is designed to support teaching teams in the review of their programs and is being used by some 8000 post-secondary and higher educators around the world.

The 6 ‘Keys’ to flipping the curriculum and how to make it happen

FlipCurric provides program teams and their leaders with practical tips, ideas and exemplars on how to ensure that the quality of our graduates keeps pace with the rapidly changing needs and contexts of the 21st century. The 6 ‘keys’ ensure the fitness of purpose of higher education learning programs and assessment by using evidence-based peer review to confirm we have the ‘right’ relevant, desirable, benchmarked, feasible and peer confirmed.