Canvas Course/Student Analytics

The 2016 Horizon report states “learning analytics is an educational application of web analytics aimed at learner profiling, a process of gathering and analyzing details of individual student interactions in online learning activities. The goal is to build better pedagogies, empower active learning, target at-risk student populations, and assess factors affecting completion and student success“.
Canvas enables teaching staff to collect and analyse student usage patterns from learning analytics generated at the course level. There are four main sections in course analytics:

  • Activity allows the instructor to see when students view a page or participate in the course.
  • Submissions allows the instructor to view if students submit the assignment on-time, late, or not at all.
  • Grades use a box and whisker plot to show the distribution of grades in the course.
  • Student Analytics shows page view, participation, assignments, and current score for every student in the course.

You can use course analytics to:

  • Predict how students react to course activities.
  • See which students are at-risk and need help.
  • View how effective your teaching strategies are in allowing students to learn.
  • See a quick view of what your students are achieving in your course.

The video below shows you how to find and view course and student statistics and analytics in Canvas.


  • Currently, analytics does not measure activity on mobile devices

Source: Canvas Community