RMIT Creds

RMIT Creds provides RMIT students with a new and exciting suite of digital credentials designed to help them develop the skills and experiences in their future work and life.
To find out more about RMIT creds and how they can benefit your students read their FAQs.
The following two credentials, produced by the Library,  will assist students in building their academic integrity awareness and information literacy skills:

  • Academic Integrity Awareness
    This badge walks students through the idea of academic integrity and its significance within and beyond university. As part of this credential, students will explore the importance of doing one’s own work while also acknowledging how other people’s ideas have influenced their thinking.
  • Information Literacy
    This badge builds student’s skills in searching for information they need, how to organise and appraise it, how to interpret it and how to properly store it so it can be referenced again later.

A full list of credentials available to students are available on the RMIT Creds website.
Source: RMIT Creds