Student App – Chirality-2 (Learning chemistry through gaming)

The inaugural Chirality app was developed by a trio of RMIT academics – Associate Professor Michelle Spencer, Associate Professor Oliver Jones and Dr Maria Spichkova – and a team of software engineering students.
After its success, the trio wondered if they could do more, and now a new group of students have worked with the academics to create a sequel.
Like the original, Chirality-2 gamifies the experience of learning organic chemistry, with users earning medals as they progress through a series of puzzles and questions.
The two apps have been downloaded more than 5,000 times in the last year by users across the Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India and the Caribbean.
The sequel boasts new game features, a back-end redesign and has been built for both Apple and Android. The new levels and functionality ensure the app covers some of the fundamental concepts that a first-year undergraduate chemistry student needs to know and understand.
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Price: free Device: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.