Canvas – File Storage Exceeded

Did you know if the file storage of your Canvas course site exceeds the limit (1000 MB) you will not be able to upload any additional documents onto your Canvas site?
Why does this happen?
If the original Blackboard site contains heavy media files (e.g. MP3, MP4, MOV,..), these files were transferred across during the transition and caused the problem.
How do I know if my course’s storage has exceeded the limit?
1) Navigate to course “Settings” –> Click “Course Statistics” (right screen) –> Select “File Storage” tab
2) Navigate to “Files” in the course navigation –> Scroll all the way down to the bottom, you will see this:
What should I do to resolve this issue?
1) Remove heavy files from the Canvas site:
  • Navigate to “Files” in the course navigation –> Click “Size” to sort from high to low
  • Identify heavy items you would like to remove, in most cases, they are media files –> Download them to your local computer –> Remove those files from the course –> Re-upload them into “Arc Media Library“.
  • If they are not media files, you can upload them to Google Drive and link back to Canvas.
  • If those files are not needed, feel free to proceed with the removal.
2) Raise an IT ticket requesting for storage extension