Canvas – Are your assignments set up correctly?

Our colleagues in DSC have put together an informative post to assist staff in checking their assignment settings are correctly setup before students start submitting work.
Taking the time to go through these handy tips and hints will ultimately save you time if you do happen to have your assignments setup incorrectly for the type of assessment task you have assigned to students. It is extremely hard to make alterations to settings etc once a student has submitted work and/or marking has begun.
Common assignment setup issues include:

  • Assignments that say they should be submitted online, but do not have an online submission setting selected
  • Assignments that say they are an in-class submission/presentation but have the online submission type selected
  • Assignments that say they should be submitted via Turnitin that don’t have the Turnitin settings applied
  • Multiple part assignments that are not clear about which parts are submitted online and how the whole will be marked
  • Assessment overviews set up as Assignment submissions
  • Available from and until dates set
  • Group assessments that are not set up for group submission or feedback provision
  • Display Grade as Letter Grade is selected, but the correct grading scheme hasn’t been set
  • A rubric has been set up, but has not been selected to use for grading
  • The assignment is assigned to the wrong course section

Tips, hints and solutions to each of these issues is available on the DSC Blog “Are your assignments set up correctly?