Canvas – Creating Student Journals

Canvas doesn’t have a dedicated journal tool; however, you can use a combination of Discussion Boards and Groups to create a space for students to submit ongoing journal entries.
To set up private journal spaces that only you and the individual student can access, go to the Discussions section of the course.

  1. Click on +Discussion
  2. Give it a title and a description
  3. Check the box next to Graded if you wish to give an overall grade to the students for completing the journal entries
  4. Then check the box next to This is a Group Discussion
  5. Click on New Group Category
  6. Give the Group Set a name (e.g. Journal Entries) and then select the radio button next to Split students into ___ groups. Fill in the blank with the number of students taking your course (e.g. 15). This will create an individual group for each student in the course. Then click Save
  7. Click on Save and Publish
  8. When students go to the discussion section, they will only have access to the class/group discussion board that is assigned to them. They can reply to the discussion board with their daily or weekly journal entries.

You can see each student’s journal entries, grade, and make comments on them in SpeedGrader like you would any other assignment.