Assessment Feedback by Video

Assessment feedback via video got the ‘thumbs up’ in this study
The Faculty of Education at Monash University conducted research on video-based assessment feedback. Video feedback was provided for a final assessment worth 50 – 60%. The two video options in this study were a webcam and and iphone. The video was recorded immediately after the assignment was read without a script. ” The proximity of the recording to when the assignment was read, meant the comments were specific, the advice relevant and the language had a sense of immediacy”. It was reported that time was not wasted making copious notes to recall the specific details of the individual assignments.” “Videos were rarely re-recorded and never edited. This meant that the videos contained pauses, ums, and distractions”.

“The findings confirm that the majority of students valued the video feedback over text-based forms. In particular, video-based feedback was reported by students as being individualised (specific) and personalised (valorising identity and effort); supportive, caring and motivating; clear, detailed and unambiguous; prompting reflection; and constructive, which led to future strategising. Several potential weaknesses were also identified, including an initial anxiety about watching the videos, and the difficulty in matching the comments in the video-based feedback to the text-based assignment. Like the students, the teachers also reported that they valued the video feedback process, particularly in terms of being more time-efficient, facilitating quality especially in the form of feed forward comments, and rejuvenating teacher enthusiasm. The article concludes with implications for future research”.
Read the report here: [embeddoc url=”” download=”all” viewer=”google” ]