Add an Introduction (thumbnail) slide to your Canvas welcome video

Make you Canvas welcome video look more professional by adding an intro (thumbnail) slide.
You will need to download the Canvas welcome video slide, edit it and upload into your Canvas ARC. Then you can set it as a thumbnail for your welcome video. Follow the steps below.

Part 1.

Summary: Download, edit and save the Canvas welcome video slide.
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  1. Click Download (above) to download the PowerPoint slide and save as Canvas welcome slide to your desktop                                                                                                  
  2. Open the Canvas welcome slide PowerPoint slide
  3. Edit the slide:
    1. Add your course title, i.e. MATH1234 Advanced Math 1
    2. Add a description of the video, i.e. Canvas welcome video for (course name)
    3. Add the presenter’s name.
  4. Save As Canvas welcome slide.jpg Note: You must save the file as a .jpg

Part 2.

Summary: Upload your Canvas welcome slide.jpg into Canvas ARC and set it as a Thumbnail in your Canvas welcome video.

  1. Open Canvas
  2. Click ARC in your course menu 
  3. Identify your welcome video Note: You must already have a welcome video min ARC
  4. Click on the 3 dots next to the video name 
  5. Select Replace Thumbnail 
  6. Navigate to your saved Canvas welcome slide.jpg on your desktop
  7. Select Open to save the Canvas welcome slide.jpg as your video Thumbnail
  8. The Canvas welcome slide.jpg thumbnail is now set as your intro slide on your welcome video

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