Assigning an Individual Grade in a Group Assignment

There are two options for grading group assignments in Canvas.  Everyone in the group receives the same mark and feedback or each student in the group is graded individually.  However there maybe the need to adjust the grade of some individuals in a group.  The easiest way to do this is:

Canvas workaround

  1. Begin the assignment with the setting that all group members get the same grade.
  2. Before grading, mute the assignment so that you do not send out grading notifications.
  3. Apply your grades to the groups
  4. Switch the setting to each student getting their own grade and then go back to the gradebook to adjust the few you need to adjust
  5. Unmute the assignment so that students can see their grades.

The following recorded Canvas LIVE webinar looks at the what you should consider when setting up a group assignment in Canvas.

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