Creating a Twitter feed in Canvas

Approaches to using twitter in teaching and learning

Twitter can be used in teaching to engage, educate, and inform students. Mark Sample’s Twitter Adoption Matrix, below, outlines a variety of uses for Twitter in teaching. The horizontal axis measures student activity whilst the vertical axis shows the depth of conversation.  (Source: Mark Sample, ProfHacker)

How/why you might use Twitter in your course

Twitter has evolved as a resource for teachers to find, share, learn from and use information for their own professional benefit and that of their students. Twitter’s micro-blogging format of restricting tweets to 280 characters, originally 140, provides a space and opportunities for students to engage in where they can receive immediate and frequent course information, ask questions and share information outside of the prescribed course materials with peers and teaching staff (Bista, 2015).
The following articles/papers provide examples and excellent tips for using Twitter in education:

Using Twitter widgets in Canvas

The following presentation by Laura Gibbs provides a how to on using Twitter widgets  (not the Twitter App) in canvas.

Curating Tweets using Twitter lists & hashtag/s

The following is an example of a Twitter widget created for a Twitter list.