Creating a Poll in Canvas

Live polling tools such as Opinion Stage provide the ability to embed a poll into a content page in Canvas. Polls are a quick and easy way to find out whether students are keeping up with course content. You can then use the feedback provided via the poll to draw a quick conclusion about your students’ understanding gaps and follow up with a Canvas announcement. Read “How to increase student engagement in your online course using polls” for more ideas on using polls in your course content.
Note: The survey tool in Canvas could be used to gauge the understanding of students on course content however it does not provide live results back to the students.

What does a poll look like?

The following is a sample of an Opinion Stage poll.

How to create a poll using Opinion Stage

Watch the video below to learn how to create an Opinion Stage poll.

How can I use a poll in Canvas?

Sharing your Opinion Stage poll in Canvas is easy because it uses a simple iframe. You configure the embedding code at the Opinion Stage website and then paste it into a Canvas content page.
Here’s a guide on the Canvas Community for using the HTML view in the Rich Content Editor.
The following image is an example of how a poll looks embedded in a page in Canvas.

Other polling tools

There are a number of polling tools available (some free and others freemium), depending on the size of your student cohort and specific needs will depend on the tool you use. Make sure you check the features, paid and free available for the tool you choose first before implementing it.
Here are a couple of other tools you might like to investigate.