Quizlet Diagrams in Canvas

Quizlet Diagrams enables you to create interactive diagrams for students to evaluate their learning progress.  You can either use a diagram created by another user or create your own.  It is simple to set up your own by uploading an image to a study set and then labelling key locations on the image with terms and optional definitions. Once you have created your diagram you can choose from seven different ways, five study modes and two games, to engage students in reviewing their knowledge. For an overview of the the study modes and games go to the Quizlet help guides.

Quizlet Diagram Sample

The diagram above is a sample from the diagrams shared on Quizlet from other users.

Making formative assessment more student-centred

The editors at Common Sense Education share their tips for how to unlock the full potential of formative assessment apps and games such as Quizlet. For more, head on over to their website for tips on how to put this tool into practice:

How can I use a Quizlet Diagram in Canvas?

Sharing your Quizlet Diagram in Canvas is easy because it uses a simple iframe. You configure the embedding code at the Quizlet website and then paste into a Canvas content page.
Here’s a guide on the Canvas Community for using the HTML view in the Rich Content Editor.