Are you using High performance liquid chromatography or Gas chromatography systems in your teaching?

Two Canvas Commons modules have been developed to assist with teaching lab equipment, specifically Gas chromatography (GC) and High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The modules include interactive activities (built using RMIT hosted H5P) and a component knowledge Canvas quiz that can be deployed to suit your learning objectives.
The module is designed to help students:

  • learn the components of each system
  • practice using associated laboratory terminology
  • become more familiar with this type of chromatographic separation.


How do I see the modules in Canvas Commons?

You cannot preview the modules in commons so the easiest way to see it is to upload the module into your own sandbox. You can then see if all or parts of it could be used in your teaching material.
View the Canvas Commons module importing instruction below.

Importing a Canvas Commons module:

  1. login to Canvas and open Commons
  2. open the filter and set to RMIT University (so you only see RMIT stuff)
  3. search for the modules, you can just type ‘lab’ to locate the lab equipment modules
  4. Click the name (blue link) on the module to open the ‘import into Canvas’ panel
  5. select the course/sandbox that you want the module to uploaded into.
  6. press the ‘Import into course’ button and the module will then load into your course.

Go into that course and the module should be there. Remember you can always customise the content (except for the H5P interactives) to suit you learners.

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