Assessment Policy updates

Academic Policy has recently released updates to the Assessment policy, see changes on the Assessment and Assessment Flexibility Policy pages.
Some key points are extracted below; note for full details go to the link above:
Design of assessment
1.1. Exams and assessment tasks must be materially different from any assessment task in the course in previous teaching periods across locations (over a two-year period)
1.2. In any
12 credit point course, the total number of assessment tasks should not exceed 4, and in any
— 24 credit point course the total number of assessment tasks should not exceed 6
1.3. The proportion of multiple choice answer assessments should not exceed 20% of the weighting of assessment tasks towards the final course grade.
Assessment rubrics
1.7. The instructions for each assessment must provide students with clear and detailed advice of the criteria by which their performance will be assessed.
1.7.1. RMIT is transitioning to a requirement that, where an assessment is graded and contributes 20% or more of the total course mark, a criterion-referenced assessment tool (rubric) or an alternative rubric required for external accreditation will state the standards of performance expected at each grade level:
1.7.2 An assessment may comprise several separate tasks or parts, such as lab reports (where students are required to do a report per lab), each of which is worth a minimal mark. In such cases, where each part builds on the same material/concepts, the tasks or parts will be added together and considered as a single assessment for the purposes of determining the total number of assessment tasks in a course
1.7.3 The requirement that assessment criteria take the form of a rubric:
does not apply to multiple choice answer assessments
— is encouraged for final examinations but will not be enforced.
1.7.4 Students undertaking competency-based, non-weighted vocational education assessments should be provided with descriptive (rather than numeric) rubrics that give clear advice on how assessment decisions are made.
For rubrics training, please see the SEH schedule.