Active Learning with Flux

FLUX is an interactive learning tool that improves student engagement. Loved by students and teachers alike, it’s the ideal tool to gauge student understanding.
During July, 2019, Nathan Sherburn, who is studying a PhD in Education Technology, ran a number of workshops for SEH staff on improving lecture attendance and student feedback with FLUX (Classroom Engagement Tool). For those who were not able to attend the workshop/webinar, Nathan has provided a recording of the webinar.
See why more and more instructors are using FLUX as part of their regular teaching.
The webinar covers:

  • How to login, setup and manage questions, collaborators and students
  • Common use cases for FLUX
  • Tips and tricks for engagement and student uptake (strategies discussed here are relevant to all student response systems)

Please note: Flux is not supported by RMIT ITS however is extremely easy to use and the website has extensive resources to support teaching staff. Nathan Sherburn is also available to help assist staff in setting up FLUX for use with their class, please contact Nathan via email