Open Classrooms Episode 12: Ashlee Pearson

Open Classrooms is a podcast series produced by the Academic Development Group in  Science, Engineering and Health.  Each podcast features interviews and stories from our staff who have opened up their classroom doors and shared their practices, innovations and ideas.

In this episode, Natasha Taylor talks to Ashlee Pearson from the School of Engineering about the training programme she delivers for tutors. She tells us how she opens up discussions and explorations of key topics like:

  • what are the qualities of a good tutor?
  • how you can bring your research into the classroom/curriculum?
  • how can you enhance student learning through effective questioning?
  • how can you embed values, inclusivity and diversity into the curriculum and your practice?
  • what can you learn by reflecting on a session and exploring different future approaches?

Ashlee is herself a PhD student and tutor in the School and this gives her a unique and valuable perspective on the training needs and practice experiences of this important part of our teaching community.

Contact Details

On Twitter, Ashlee is @slidingdoorsash
Click here if you would like to contact her by email.

Supporting Resources

If you are interested to know more about the materials Ashlee uses on the programme, please contact her direct.  There are lots of open resources available to help you build your own training programme – here are just a few: