Canvas – Changes to Gradebook

What’s new?

  • Assignment results in Gradebook – even no submissions should have a grade entered
  • New Gradebook – only two months until it arrives in all courses!
  • Student final scores in Gradebook – scores displayed as ‘total’ don’t account for unsubmitted or ungraded assignments
  • Students can no longer view their ‘Total’ scores – students will have to go through official channels to view their final course results

Assignment results in Gradebook

Assignments that have no submissions post their due dates in Canvas Gradebook must always have a result entered, even if it is zero. If you do not enter zero and leave it unmarked, the ‘Total’ column in the Gradebook will exclude the assignment and only show you the student’s current total based on assignments submitted. This may be misleading when trying to understand a student’s final score in Canvas.
Remember to always mark no submission as zero in Gradebook or Speedgrader, so that your assignment totals calculate correctly.
Did you know that you can apply automatic late or missing policies in the New Gradebook? You can choose to award all missing submissions with a grade of zero by setting the missing submission grade to 0 (zero). You can change the grade at any time by applying a new grade to a student in the Grade field in Gradebook or Speedgrader. Once a grade has been manually assigned, the missing submission policy will no longer apply.

Automatically apply a zero grade to all missing submissions.
More information on applying a missing submission policy in New Gradebook.
More information on applying a late submission policy in New Gradebook.

Turn on New Gradebook

Don’t forget – New Gradebook arrives in all courses on 15 December 2019. To enable it now:
1. In your course, go to Settings.
2. Go to Feature Options (last tab at the top).
3. Find and enable the New Gradebook option by clicking on the control button to turn it to a green checkmark.

Activate New Gradebook by turning on the green checkmark in your in the ‘Feature Options’ panel of your Canvas Settings.
Note that once you do switch on New Gradebook, and if you manually adjust a submission status and/or enable late or missing policies, you cannot revert to the old version.

View a student’s final score or grade

Notice anything new in Canvas? A banner has been added to the teacher’s view of Canvas Gradebook, alerting users to the fact that the score displayed in Gradebook’s ‘Total’ column only displays the student’s current score based on assignments marked, and does not take into account unsubmitted or ungraded submissions.

This banner will shortly be added to the teacher’s view of Gradebook and applies only to RMIT courses in Canvas.
To check a student’s final score or grade at any time, either click the link in the information banner and follow the steps, or export Gradebook and look for columns titled ‘Unposted Final Score ‘or ‘Unposted Final Grade’.

Look for the ‘Unposted Final Score’ or ‘Unposted Final Grade’ columns in Gradebook to view a student’s final grade.

Students no longer able to view ‘Total’ scores

Students are no longer able to view their cumulative ‘Total’ score or grade distribution graph in Canvas, This change is to ensure that Canvas is better aligned to RMIT’s Assessment and Assessment Flexibility Policy, and that students are only viewing their ‘Total’ or final course results through the official channels already offered to them, such as myRMIT.
Source: RMIT Studios – Canvas Corner 24/92019