Open Classrooms Episode 14: Marion Muliaumaseali'i

Open Classrooms is a podcast series produced by the Academic Development Group in  Science, Engineering and Health.  Each podcast features interviews and stories from our staff who have opened up their classroom doors and shared their practices, innovations and ideas.
In this episode, Natasha Taylor talks to Marion Muliaumaseali’i about the projects she is involved in to understand and enhance the indigenous student journey.  With a research background in ethnography, Marion has brought an important cultural lens to some high profile RMIT projects, exploring the interface between western and indigenous ideologies and developing practical ways of normalising indigenous language and practices into our university culture.
She uses ethnographic tools understand what she refers to as the ‘human experience’. This includes working with students as partners to identify the ‘pain points’, values and learning priorities of our indigenous students, working together to develop ways of improving retention and success in learning.  The conversation touches on some important learning and teaching themes, including empathy, storytelling and reciprocity.

Contact Details
If you would like to contact Marion work, please send her an email.
Supporting Resources

  • You can buy a pack of the Indigenous Word Cards in the RMIT Campus Store.
  • The Ngarara Willim Centre (meaning ‘gathering place’ in the Victorian Aboriginal language of Wurundjeri) offers a range of experiences, services and resources for staff and students to build a better appreciation for Indigenous culture, business and knowledge.