Ever have trouble focusing on what’s actually written on the page?

Imagine having a tool which:

  • helps you focus on specific lines,
  • identifies parts of a sentence, or
  • reads the text aloud.

One of the approaches Microsoft has been exploring in this area is Immersive Reader, and a suite of learning tools. Immersive reader gives you the option to control the line spacing (distance between lines), colour of the page, font size, and column width. If you prefer immersive reader can read the text aloud to you.
Here is a video overview of immersive reader. Immersive reader is already available in a number of Office 365 web tools, (Word, Outlook, Teams, OneNote, Flipgrid) and will be available in the desktop versions when you next update.
When could I use it?
Consider using immersive reader when you need to edit a document immediately after writing it. Having the computer read the text aloud (in your choice of accents) may help you identify grammatical errors (missing words or changes in tense).
How can this be used with students?
Providing Word documents, rather than PDF’s allows students to choose to use these tools without having to take a few extra steps to get it into a suitable format.
This is just another example of a tool originally designed to support a specific cohort of students, which actually supports everyone.