3 reasons to use Canvas Reading Lists

Canvas Reading Lists are a great tool to give students direct access to any course materials including library collections, textbooks, websites, video or any other resource.

Why use it?

  1. Your students get quick and easy access to course materials.
  2. You get support from the Library, including back end copyright management and analytics on usage.
  3. Adding a reading list contributes to Element 17 – embedding language and readings support.


Set up your Reading List

Enable the menu option

  • Select Settings in your Canvas course
  • From the Navigation tab, drag Reading Lists into the navigation menu and Save

Create your list

  • Select Reading List from the menu and Create it

Add resources

  • Search our Library collections
  • Create your own reference manually and upload the file
  • My Collection is your own curated list that you can drop in citations from
  • Cite It! browser add-on lets you quickly add a website or YouTube video


Roll over your Reading List

You can choose to roll over a reading list, it is not automatically rolled over with your Canvas course.

  1. In your current Reading Lists, go to the menu (…) and select Roll Over list
  2. Enter the new course code and select the new course
  3. Update the Reading List title to match the new course
  4. When ready, publish the list to your students



For help or enquiries contact the Library’s Reading List team readinglists.library@rmit.edu.au
Or check out the Reading List user guide: https://rmit.libguides.com/readinglists

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