Open Classrooms Episode 20: Colin Kestell

Open Classrooms is a podcast series produced by the Academic Development Group in  Science, Engineering and Health.  Each podcast features interviews and stories from our staff who have opened up their classroom doors and shared their practices, innovations and ideas.
In Episode 20, Natasha Taylor talks to Colin Kestell from the School of Engineering about the Flipped Classroom. They explore the many challenges associated with adopting a flipped learning approach, exposing some of the myths and common misconceptions of this popular innovative approach to teaching in Higher Education.

Contact Details
If you would like to contact Colin, please send him an email.
Supporting Resources

  • Getting started? This resource from the University of Adelaide is really useful! The Flipped Classroom Explained.
  • R. L. Fisher, R. LaFerriere & A. Rixon (2019) Flipped learning: An effective pedagogy with an Achilles’ heel, Innovations in Education and Teaching International, DOI: 10.1080/14703297.2019.1635904 . A useful research article which gives an important learner perspective and highlights the potential downfalls of a flipped approach