Making Videos in PowerPoint – Flexible Learning Part 2

Today’s adventure in flexible learning takes us to a tool many of us are familiar with: PowerPoint.
Many of you regularly use PowerPoint in lectures, meetings, workshops or tutorials, but did you know with PowerPoint you can help you create pre-class videos?
Detailed instructions on the process are available from Microsoft for Mac, Windows and older versions. 
As the advice from Microsoft above suggests, check  your recording after the first slide. There is nothing worse than recording a 10-minute video and then realising your microphone was on mute.

To improve the quality of the recording:

  • Prepare, Plan and practice
  • Use a dedicated microphone
  • Stand up when you record
  • Record in a quiet place (not in the middle of a cafe or playground)
  • Close down other programs (especially ones which pop-up -like your Email, Slack or Teams)

It’s always best to create a polished video, but sometimes life gets in the way. Don’t stress – imperfect videos simply have more personality in them (background noise or surprises).

When using PowerPoint to make recordings:

  1. Curate your slides, give particular focus to the important topics.
  2. Save your slide deck (Topic 1.pptx)
  3. Test your audio
  4. Create your audio for all the slides
  5. Save your slide deck (add the word with audio, Topic 1 with audio.pptx)
  6. Check you are happy with the recording
  7. Save your slide deck with audio as a movie (.mp4) (Topic 1.mp4)

Step 7 can take a long time (~2–4 times as long as the recording will be) so take a break.
Once you have an .MP4, you can upload the file to Canvas Studio and request English (or other Language) audio captions.
Check the captions for accuracy (particularly around specialist language) and present the video in your course.
Support options:
If you would like some additional help to create your videos using PowerPoint:


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