What is Collaborate Ultra – Flexible learning part 4

Collaborate Ultra is a real time video conferencing tool that enables users to add files, share applications, conduct polls and use a virtual whiteboard to interact.

This tool, can be used to enable dynamic interactivity for online students.
Collaborate Ultra can be used within courses in a number of different ways, including but not limited to:

  • host tutorials where students may attempt to solve problems individually or in small groups.
  • deliver live lectures, and have students ask questions through chat or at scheduled time (every 20 minutes)
  • demonstrating how to use software or specialist tools

If students would benefit from seeing problems solve in real-time using ‘pen a paper’ consider using a collaborate session in combination with one note and a touchscreen. This would allow you to answer a problem on a blank page using your pen. The digital inking you create on the page can be shared with students in real time, allowing them to ask questions as you create the answer.
Collaborate Ultra is most effective when you have and share your clearly defined purpose for the session with students prior to session, running sessions for question and answers tends to lead to low engagement as the value of the session is not always clear to students.

Collaborate Ultra is a tool within Canvas, you can add the link to your navigation bar for your course.

As collaborate is fully integrated into Canvas, your students are able to access all of their learning within the one environment. You can set your collaboration sessions to be automatically recorded and made available to students who couldn’t attend live.

There are a number of training sessions for Collaborate Ultra scheduled in the next week, keep an eye out.

For more information on using Collaborate Ultra see the Collaborate Ultra Basics post.