Creating a story to support learning

Without a clear understanding of how, and why, different teaching and learning activities are connected, the student experience can feel like ‘just one thing after another’.
At course level, a clear and compelling teaching and learning narrative enables and empowers staff and students to navigate the ideas and practices that form their academic discipline, forging professional and personal identities.
Constructing your weekly/topics in modules with pages that are clearly signposted, enables you to weave context, themes, or a story—a narrative—into the course structure, you can increase student engagement and emotional connection to the material, thus contributing to a lasting, transferable, and meaningful learning experience.
Weekly/topic modules in Canvas function similarly to chapters in a book in that they arrange course content in a logical, orderly way. But they also provide a high-level organisational framework that can guide students toward understanding. Your modules don’t need to be too complex at a minimum they should be a thoughtful grouping and sequencing which facilitates the construction of a meaningful “story” of what students should learn and why.
Narrative Structure can be created using:

  • chunking content
  • using basic visual design concepts
  • creating a hierarchy of content
  • being consistent

We will look at these topics over the coming days.
Slides from the narrative structure PD session