What should I include in my next announcement?

As we transition to online learning for all students, we need to clearly communicate these changes to students. Here are some ideas for what you might want to include next time you talk to students.  
Will there be any changes to upcoming assessments?  

  • If so either let them know what the changes are, or
  • When you expect to know what changes will be made.  

What tool/approach you plan to use for delivering lectures and when it will be available? 

What tool/approach you plan to use for delivering tutorials? 

  • Collaborate Ultra (Teams, or other web conferencing tool OBS, twitch, etc) 

What is the best method and timing to get in touch with you, and what students can expect from you? 

  • Will you monitor discussion boards daily at 9am, or once a week  
  • Will you have a drop in session using Collaborate Ultra or other tool for 1 hr per week? 
  • Phone, Email, or chat?  
  • How long until you respond to emails, phone calls or messages?  
  • Times they should not contact you e.g. after 11pm  

What you expect from students? 

  • During the transition period and beyond 

To be successful when learning or teaching online learning, regular (at least weekly) clear (unambiguous) communication is critical. This week is an opportunity to set the expectations for the rest of the semester, start as you mean to go on. You can always improve and adjust as you learn more, and communicating the why for changes sometimes helps. 
 The Learning Enhancment Team are here to help you transition your learning – feel free to contact us on SEH.ADG.LET@rmit.edu.au