Open Classrooms Episode 23: Ash Moreland

Open Classrooms is a podcast series produced by the Academic Development Group in  Science, Engineering and Health.  Each podcast features interviews and stories from our staff who have opened up their classroom doors and shared their practices, innovations and ideas.

In Episode 23, Natasha Taylor talks to Ash Moreland from Health and Biomedical Sciences about the work she has done to transform the way Research Methods (RM) is taught to Exercise and Sports Science students. Faced with the challenge of teaching a subject which students can find intimidating, irrelevant and conceptually disconnected, Ash enthusiastically describes her work as quest for the ‘Da Vinci Code’ of RM teaching.

By designing classes which immerse students in the live process of collecting and analysing data, Ash cleverly teaches students methods and statistical tests through a process of iterative co-discovery, easing anxiety and cognitive load.  She works closely with colleagues who teach courses parallel in the semester, weaving the curricula together so that students can see how RM are relevant to their discipline and programme.

Contact Details

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Supporting Resources

The UK National Centre for Research Methods has a great collection of resources for Research Methods teaching.  This includes publications, video casts, case studies and datasets which can be used to develop your own RM course.

*NEW* They have developed a specific collection, Switching to Online,  to support teachers who are having to move their courses online in the light of the COVID-19 crisis. These include quick start guides and resources to support online teaching, as well as resources which describe/explore methodologies for online research. These are great resources for anyone involved in undergraduate and postgraduate research. Definitely worth an explore!