New Canvas feature: Teams Meeting integration

You may have heard Microsoft Teams (the collaboration platform) is now available from within Canvas. The Microsoft Teams integration is now available within your Canvas course, but before you expect too much –  It is just for creating meetings for up to 300 people (11 August, 2020).

With this integration, you don’t have to invite students or email the link out to students, they can join the meeting themselves.

In Canvas anywhere you can access the text editing box you, you can view the integration (see picture below). From the rich text editor, select the Blue V (more tools) and then you will see the Microsoft Teams Meeting item in the menu


Screen shot of the rich text editor in Canvas with Microsoft Teams integration visible.










How do I create a Meeting?

  1. In the text editor – open more tools (blue v)
  2. From the drop down select Microsoft Teams meeting
  3. Sign into teams
  4. Select create meeting link
  5. Add details (consider using your course code in the meeting so students know which course they are attending a session for)
  6. press create –


This will automatically create a link (and include phone details to dial in) to the meeting on the page you were editing.


How should I use this new feature?

You could include the link in

  •  announcements,
  •  a dedicated page with links for live online sessions (tutorials etc).

Students may be interested in creating ad-hoc meetings in discussion boards to

  • arrange study sessions,
  • manage their group work.


How does the link work?

Anyone with link can join, but if they outside of RMIT (or not yet signed in) they are held in a lobby and the ‘teacher/host’ need to give them permission to join the session.

Tips for using this Teams Meeting Integration

  • Use course code – activity type in the meeting name
  • Recurring meetings (end up ‘building’ on each previous ones and keep all the sessions together within Teams)
  • If you record the session – Recordings are published to steam (you will get an email once the recording is published).
  • In canvas you could include the direct link to the recording near where the meeting appointment information is), to allow students to view the recording when they are doing their revision.