Video editing tools

Have you made a video, but want to edit it before you upload?

There are a range of tools available to edit videos. Today we will look at two simple ones you probably already have installed on your computer.

For the Mac users we will explore iMovie, and for Windows users we will explore Photos.

Microsoft photos:

Photos is the default image viewing app, but its features move beyond just viewing photos or removing red eye effects. This tool also allows videos to be compiled (from various elements -photos, sounds, videos) and edited.

The user inter face is a reasonably simple drag and drop (videos and photos go into one space; audio and sound files into a separate space).

To edit a video file, open it in the Photos app. You can do this right from File Explorer by right-clicking the video file, and then selecting Open With > Photos.

Then you edit your video using the timeline at the bottom of the screen. Once you are happy with how your video looks, finish the video and you will be promoted to decided on the quality of the output video – always select the highest quality you can.

More information:

The microsoft Photos interface with most buttons having numbers.













If you hover your mouse on the various icons or items you will be able to see their names. This quick table should help you get started.

① – +Add (used to add photos of video clips)

② – The story board, click and drag files from the project library to add them to the film, or reorder them

③ – Add title card, this inserts a solid colour graphic, which can then have text and effects added.

④ – Trim allows you to remove the start of end of a file

⑤ – Split allows you to break a video clip into multiple pieces

⑥ – Text allows you to add text, using predefined type and one of size predefined layouts

⑦ – Motion allows you to move the focus or section of a photo displayed on the screen

⑧ – 3D effects allows you to integrate pre-developed 3D effects into your video (think fireworks, overlayed bubbles)

⑨ – Filters allows you to change the colour or tone of the video clip or image

⑩ – Speed maybe you would like to make something happen faster or slower (0.02x – 64x speed) Really useful if you have used one note to write a solution (without talking) and you don’t need students to watch you write at normal speed (8-16x speed might make the video more interesting)

⑪ hide or show black bars, rotate, delete or remove all

⑫ Undo/Redo

⑬ Background music allows you to select from pre-defined audio tracks

⑭- Custom audio where you upload your own sound files

⑮ – Finish Video, once you are all done.

⑯ – change video title

⑰ – Preview screen, this shows you what the video currently looks like

Download PDF version of labelled photos interface



iMovie is a basic movie editor and is available on most Apple devices, including Apple laptops, computers, iPads and iPhones.

The following tutorials developed by the Learning and Teaching team in DSC describe:

If neither of these tools are allowing you to do what you need, there are a number of resources available from DSC Teaching and Learning around tools and products for video editing.