Started marking? Don’t forget there is a new way to mute results

Some people have found students are getting their results as soon as assignments are marked. As you can imagine this is problematic if you haven’t finished moderation and also with other students emailing asking for their results. There is a new way to mute assignments until all the marking is completed, please follow these instructions provided by Lam Nguyen in SHBS.

In the old Gradebook:

  • You could click on the “3 dots” and select “Mute Assignment” or “Unmute Assignment” to determine the visibility of an assignment’s grades/feedback.


In the new Gradebook:

  • To hide grades (mute assignment), you will need to update the “Grade Posting Policy” to be “Manually” (screenshot below)


  • To make the grades visible (unmute assignment) to the students, you will need to select “Post grades”


  1. Q: I can’t see the “Post grades” option?

A: If none of the submissions have been graded, this option won’t appear. Once you’ve marked the first submission, you will see the option.


2. Q: What if I change the grading posting policy AFTER some submissions have been graded?

A: Students who have received their grades BEFORE you make the change will continue to see their grades. You will need to select “Hide grades” so that grades can be made unavailable to those students.

Note: If you can still see the option “Hide grades”, that means the grades are still visible to some students.

You will know all the grades are hidden when you see this:

3. Q: Can I have all of my assignment muted by default?

A: Yes, you can. From your Gradebook, click on the “wheel” to change the default Grading Posting Policy” to “Manually Post Grades”

Thanks Lam for these instructions!