Transforming assessment webinars (session review)

Recently I attended two webinars conducted by the Transforming Assessment group, hosted by our previous Dean of Learning and Teaching, Professor Geoff Crisp and Dr Matthew Hillier. The webinars explored topics related to assessment in the age of Covid-19. I think the standout thing for me from Phill  Dawson’s presentation was the study of contract cheating that determined it does not necessarily mean a pass; some of the contract cheating papers actually failed! Now that is a very important point to highlight to your students. Remind them that you will be giving hints in class about the sorts of things you expect to see in their assessment responses and that the ghost writers won’t know those important points. Better for them to give it a go themselves than spend thousands on an assignment that is doomed to fail.

The second presentation that explored ways of conducting oral assessments was also inspiring. With the tools we have at our fingertips, like Collaborate Ultra and Teams, we can easily conduct online assessments and record them for moderation purposes. The session this week also looks very interesting, registration details are below. If you missed the other sessions, I’d suggest you listen in, the details are:

Resources and recordings for for COVID-19 adaption special double:

a) “Detecting and addressing contract cheating in online assessment” A/Prof Phill Dawson, Deakin University (held 29 Apr)

b) “Authentic online oral assessment – an examination replacement” Danielle Logan, Popi Sotiriadou and Rae Jobst, Griffith University (held 30 Apr)

Upcoming webinar

Online exam challenges: migration or transformation?

This webinar presents research on the roles played by two main discourses in online exams practice in higher education: ‘migration’, whereby exam technologies are assumed to be neutral instruments; and ‘transformation’, whereby the essential qualities of technologies are seen to ‘transform’ or ‘enhance’ assessment.

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